Transmitting Live Volume One

I never post my own work on this blog. But since it’s a free download, I thought I might as well share. On Monday Potholes In My Blog released a collection of unreleased and exclusive hip-hop tracks mixed by DJ Traumatix and asked me to do the cover art. The mix features artists such as Buff1, Dela, Blame One, Panacea, Big Tone and others. You can read more about it on Potholes and more about the cover on my portfolio’s blog.

♪ Download: Potholes In My Blog Presents… Transmitting Live Volume One Mixed by DJ Traumatix

Potholes In My Blog
DJ Traumatix

Yuri Suzuki – The Physical Value of Sound

Yesterday Ghostly International made a post about a solo art exhibition in Tokyo, Japan by artist Yuri Suzuki. The exhibit features several pieces experiment with vinyl records and sound. The concept of the show is to display the value of the physicality of music in a time when most people experience music only in digital form. My favorite piece is the 5-armed turntable, each arm playing it’s own individual part of the record simultaneously. Suzuki explains the exhibit on his website:

Recently, the media that surround us has changed from analog to digital — for instance, photography, film and music. These days, most sounds are recorded only digitally. I feel uneasy about digitalisation of music because I wonder if they will survive to next generation. Digital based music media is just “data”, in other words, “virtual”. When objects lose physicality, they turn into virtual.

Yuri Suzuki is a London-based product designer and electronic music artist with a masters from the Royal College of Art in London. His Flickr account gives an extensive look at the work he’s done.

Yuri Suzuki
Yuri Suzuki @ Flickr
Ghostly International

The Cover Down Update

Updates to The Cover Down (my second blog for posting album cover scans) have been slow recently. This is mostly likely due to me not being happy with the quality of my old HP scanner, the time it takes to scan a single sleeve, attempting to post more often on this blog and just being busy in general. Also, the search function is still broken (same for this blog). But I have managed to get a few pieces up.

Highlights include the packaging for Milton Nascimento’s Clube Da Esquina 2, the artwork from Gil-Scott Heron’s Winter In America, several Airto posts and my treasured copy of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland. I’ve also been posting a few of these on Discogs, as I’ve recently started cataloging my music collection there. I’ll be adding more posts soon.

The Cover Down

DUBLAB : Defining Future Roots Radio

Thrillhouse Productions created a short documentary segment for Current TV highlighting Dublab, a non-profit internet radio station. Daedelus and Leaving Record’s Matthewdavid make an appearance, along with some other familiar faces. I have a lot of Dublab material to catch up on…

Thrillhouse Productions

Triorganico – Convivencia

In the past few years I’ve developed an interest in Brazilian music, digging through the catalogs of artists like Airto Moreira, Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges, Jorge Ben, Hermeto Pascoal and a few others. I’ve only skimmed the surface, I’m sure. But I am really excited for this new release on Stones Throw’s Now-Again imprint, Triogranico’s Convivencia. Trioganico is an L.A.-based jazz trio grounded in bossa nova, including Pablo Calogero on saxaphone and woodwinds, Ricardo Pasillas on percussion and Fabiano do Nascimento on guitar. The album is made up entirely of acoustic instrumentation performing minimalist compositions, the majority of them being originals. The album’s now available on vinyl and CD, along with MP3s through Stones Throw’s store.

Stones Throw art director Jeff Jank kindly sent along the artwork for the album, featuring Stephen Serrato’s recognizable design style and Brian Cross’ brilliant photography. The cover reflects the organic nature the group strives for in their sound, combined with a great logo (above) and layout by Serrato. Serrato mentioned that the vinyl release was delayed due to the manufacturer placing the sticker on the album itself rather than the plastic. So I suppose the full photo is shown on the sleeve. Brian Cross, still one of my favorite photographers, provides his great attention to composition and framing and, as evidenced by the contact sheets (below) from Stones Throw’s website, a great use of color. I’m waiting for my copy on vinyl so that I can get the full effect of both the music and the artwork. You can hear one of the tracks, “Tempo De Amor”, below.

Tri Organico – Tempo De Amor

Stephen Serrato
Brian Cross
Stones Throw

Rubik’s Cube Album Covers

Invader, the artist behind the tiled Space Invader-inspired street art (view the invasion here) put together some Rubik’s Cube recreations of popular album covers. The pieces, along with other works, are being shown in his solo show, Low Fidelity, at the Lazarides Rathbone gallery in London until September 17th. You can find more information on Creative Review.

Creative Review

The Decemberists – The Hazards Of Love

I’m not that well-versed in The Decemberists’ music. But after illustrator Josh Cochran mentioned the artist behind their cover art on his Twitter, my interest was peaked. The Decemberists are a Portland, Oregon-based rock band led by Colin Meloy, known for their folk-infused pop sound. I mostly know them for their Stephen Colbert beef. Guitar battles and such.

The album cover was illustrated by Carson Ellis, who happens to be Meloy’s wife. Ellis’ portfolio is a collection of loose graphite, pen and watercolor drawings. Her organic typographic work on the cover of Hazards is beautiful, with the concept also making it’s way to the single The Rake’s Song (above). Ellis is also responsible for the covers of previous Decemberists albums as well as Colin Meloy’s solo work (below).

Carson Ellis
The Decemberists
Colin Meloy