Broadcast & The Focus Group – Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age

broadcast & the focus group

UK-based psychedelic-pop band Broadcast have returned with a new (50 minute long) mini-album on Warp Records, in preparation for a full-length to be released sometime next year. The album is a collaboration with The Focus Group, aka Julian House, a designer and music artist with a similar affinity for library music and electronics.

I love the album cover as well as the video, “#1: Witch Cults”, above. Physical copies will be available on CD October 26th, with vinyl being sold during their US tour. Below is a segment of the story written by Jonny Trunk that Warp recommends reading while listening to the audio trailer which you can download underneath. You can read the rest here.

“Some party. I only realized that the punch had been spiked when I started laughing at things that weren’t funny. I staggered out into the mansion’s highland gardens to get some air and to try and get some kind of peace and quiet in my busy head, but it was no use. Even outside everything around me became louder, weirder, brighter, darker, I just couldn’t seem to get a hold on anything normal at all. The warm night’s breeze seemed to blow me towards a dimly lit path that led me to a large, ancient walled garden. And right in the middle of this walled square sat a huge black cube, which seemed to be making peculiar disjointed twinkling sounds. I looked around and I swear that all the plants and herbs and everything planted was watching, listening and moving about to the sounds this giant cube thing was making. I remember thinking it was all quite enchanting but in the wrong sort of way.”

Download: ♪ Broadcast & The Focus Group – Audio Trailer

The Focus Group
Warp Records

Washington, D.C. Record Fair

Another D.C. Record Fair is being held on Sunday, October 4th at Comet Ping Pong on Connecticut Avenue. I’m excited about this because I had a lot of fun at the last fair. I also think it’s cool that they used Mingering Mike artwork for the poster. I can’t wait. Saving money…

Washington, D.C. Record Fair
The Vinyl District
DC Soul Recordings
Som Records
Mingering Mike

Eyedea & Abilities – By The Throat

eyedea & abilities

I am not the big Rhymesayers Entertainment fan that I was in high school, but they still manage to grab my attention every now and then (Brother Ali!). Eyedea & Abilities is one RE duo that I never fully examined. But recently they’ve released their third studio album together, By The Throat. The album combines Eyedea’s talent for emotionally-charged fast-raps and the indie rock sound he’s been exploring with his band, along with DJ Abilities’ production and scratching skills.

eyedea & abilities

The album cover, a watercolor illustration featuring a barrage of artillery symbolically being stuffed through a window, was created by Minneapolis-based artist Michael Gaughan. Gaughan’s well-rounded body of work includes “drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, performances, events, installations, and music”. I especially like his drawings and watercolors, like the illustration above done for Troma Films. His portfolio site is actually a little bizarre (in a good way) to me, switching from paintings of flowers and landscapes of superb craftsmanship to, well, other things of the NSFW nature. But it’s all good.

Above is a video for the track “Junk”, direced by Maria Juranic with photo direction by Bo Hakala.

Download: ♪ Eyedea & Abilities – “This Story”

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Michael Gaughan
Eyedea & Abilities
Maria Juranic
Bo Hakala
Crushkill Recordings

Sleepy Ed – Summer Sounds Summer Love

Download: ♪ Sleepy Ed – Summer Sounds Summer Love

Summer is over. Fortunately, it’s still warm enough outside (here, at least) to not really notice. My friend, Miami-based artist, designer and musician Sleepy Ed, has put together a mix of “tropical themed goodies” to celebrate the season. Another mix is on the way. Not only does he have good taste in music, but he is also a skilled artist, as evidenced by the show poster for his band, Little Beard, below.

Download: ♪ Sleepy Ed – Summer Sounds Summer Love

Sleepy Ed

Little Beard

Koushik – Outside My Window (Instrumentals)

Slow posts this week and last week. Job is hectic, etc. Anyway, in a string of free releases by Koushik through Stones Throw Records, today they are offering up an instrumental version of his album Out My Window for free. One week only! It also includes “5 or 6″(?) beats which were not included on the album. Hopefully you didn’t miss Beep Tape up for free last week and Tell Me What You See, which I’m still confused about.

Of note is the cover photo shot by photographer Eric Coleman, half of the Mochilla production company with Brian Cross. The timing is good, considering his solo show which will open on the 24th at Mochilla Headquarters in Los Angeles. Of course, I won’t be able to go. I’m on the other side of the states. But maybe you can make it? His portfolio is beautiful, which you can see here.

Download: ♪ Koushik – Out My Window (Instrumentals + Bonus Beats)
Download: ♪ Koushik – Tell Me What You See

Eric Coleman
Stones Throw Records

Mick Boogie / Peter Bjorn & John – "Stay This Way"

Mykola Dosenko, the artist behind the pixel-based videos for Kanye West’s “Robocop”, DJ Shadow’s “This Time”, and DJ I-dee’s “Swollen Dome” was asked by DJ Mick Boogie to put together a video for his new mixtape, Re-Living Thing. The free download is a remix project using songs from Swedish indie-rock band Peter Bjorn & John’s album Living Thing. It is similar in concept to Mick Boogie’s Adele remix project.

The song, “Stay This Way”, is a remix by DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring rappers Big Pooh, Phil Nash and Chaundon reminiscing about their care-free younger days, appropriately played out in Mykola’s signature video game-inspired visuals. It is a worthy addition to his string of animated music videos. Good times.

Download: ♪ Mick Boogie / Peter Bjorn & John – Re-Living Thing
Download: ♪ Mick Boogie / Adele – 1988… The Remix Project

Mykola Dosenko
Mick Boogie
Peter Bjorn & John

CoverCast #3: Three

Download: ♪ CoverCast #3: Three

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Unfortunately, I didn’t make many posts this week. But I did put together a new CoverCast. This week I wanted to share some great electronic music and a touch of instrumental hip-hop. Some old, some new, some sort of new. Thanks to Ed for sharing the Joy Orbison track. It’s crazy. Everyone loves dubstep these days, right?

1. Phaseone – Marty & Sonietta
2. MONO/POLY – The George Machine
3. The Clonious – Emora
4. Daedelus – Get Off Your HiHats
5. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
6. Clark – Mercy Sines
7. Zomby – One Foot Ahead Of The Other
8. Dr. Who Dat? – Laws of Clover
9. Squarepusher – Greenways Trajectory
10. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Technopolis
11. Bumps – Tryplmeade Gorsmatch
12. Teebs – Untitled
13. Thavius Beck – Under Pressure
14. Ceephax – Hull Pressure
15. Plug – Brave Lick
16. Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
17. Gonja Sufi – Ancestors
18. Ras G – Incoming
19. Stevo – Milky Way Driver
20. 00Genesis – Geomancer