Snoop Dog – "Sensual Seduction"

Video of the year.
Directed by Melina Matsoukas.

Prefuse 73 – Preperations

I made a post about the cover of Prefuse 73’s Preperations album a few months ago when it was first announced, but I wasn’t sure who the artist was. Now I know that it was Kim Hiorthøy, who also happens to be an electronic music artist, a filmmaker and a writer. These collages come from the inside of the CD’s insert. Here are some covers he did for Rune Grammofon. There is also some info on him at Smalltown Supersound, on which he’s released some albums.

Also… A video:

Wax Poetics – The Cover Story

Soul Sides made a quick post yesterday about a book of album cover art that Wax Poetics Magazine is releasing in “a few weeks”. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. So I need money for that and their first-five-issue anthology…


TychoSunrise Projector

I’ve been seeing a lot of this guy recently, first on MySpace and then on some blogs. Scott Hansen’s (aka ISO50) design work is inspiring. I’ve seen a lot of similar work, but something about his combination of modern and vintage drew me in. Or maybe it’s his music running through the background of his beautifully designed online portfolio? He also produces electronic music under the name Tycho and will soon be releasing an album on Ghostly International. Nice.

Domu – Return of The Rogue

This cover was sent to me by someone (Black Steve) who ran across my blog back in September. The design work is by Radek Drutis, who I mentioned in an earlier post. I need to figure out who Drutis is. A Google search doesn’t give me much information. Either way, when I browse through the electronic racks at my local store I always see this album. That’s when you know an cover is well done. You can’t help but look.

Chick Corea – Inner Space

One of my favorite Chick Corea album covers, released in 1966. Photography by Katsuji Abe, design by Haig Adishian.

Deerhoof – Milk Man

Deerhoof is crazy. The cover of their album Milk Man is also crazy. It all fits. It was drawn by Ken Kagami, a Japanese artist known for his happy and/or disturbing images. Pitchforkmedia reports that on December 4th, Gallery Sora will be organizing an event featuring Deerhoof and Kagami in Miami’s Ice Palace Studios. According to Killrockstars, the show will include “12 foot strawberry and banana soft sculptures, a massive Milk Man head sculpture behind Deerhoof as they perform, [and] Kagami dancing in a Milk Man costume of his own design.” Yes. Interesting…

Also, Deerhoof has some MP3s available on their page. Get ’em.