Daedelus – Live At Low End Theory

Cover photo by Laura Darling.

A recording of a great live session by Daedelus at the Low End Theory in California. That is a beautiful monome. I’m still trying to figure out the connection between Laura and Daedelus. I’m assuming they are romantically connected?

Also, this is a trailer for a documentary on the Low End Theory. I have no idea when it’s being released…

Squarepusher – Ultravisitor

I once had an aversion to album covers featuring artists’ faces. Although I think that typically went for bland pop albums, ala Jessica Simpson. Fortunately, Squarepusher isn’t Jessica Simpson and this cover is an exception.

Maybe what attracted me most was the serifed type and close-up photograph that I feel isn’t common among IDM albums. The teal background really works for me too. I think this is the most well done packaging out of his discography. The album itself is also one of my favorites.

The portrait was taken by Eva Vermandel, a photographer from Belgium living in London. She has a nice collection of portraits in her portfolio, including other artists like Cat Power and Portishead.

The design work was handled by Manuel Sepulveda, who also has an impressive resume.

Dabrye – Two/Three

This artwork comes from Dabrye’s electronic hip-hop album Two/Three, done by the New York-based street artist WK Interact. He is well-known for the expressive use of motion in his work, often splattered across walls on the streets. I think the cover matches well with the stealthiness of Dabrye’s sound. It sneaks up, attacks… and breaks necks, of course.

It appears that WK has a book out. The video below shows him working on a project for Nike LA in 2006. I should also mention that more people need to pick this album up, and I’m anxiously anticipating Dabrye’s Three/Three, whenever it’s released.

The Sea & Cake – Everybody

The Sea and Cake – Crossing Line

I love The Sea & Cake. They’re one of those bands that I could listen to on shuffle & repeat for days. And if I ever become part of a band, I want to have my own artwork on the cover like Sam Prekop’s done with their last album, Everbody. Besides being the lead singer, he’s also a photographer. (His father, Martin Prekop, is also a photographer) And if I’m not mistaken, most of the photographs on The Sea & Cake albums come from him. I especially like this one. A dingy, geometric floor pattern plus thin, subtle type. It’s simple and it works well.

Wax Poetics #26

I’m really digging the cover of the new Wax Poetics Magazine. The back and front were illustrated by Zachariah O’Hara, an artist out of NY. You can see more of his funky paintings here and here.
This issue had a nice amount of illustration in it, which is really good to see. James Blagden returns with a trippy painting of Just Blaze, along with some other artists I’m not familiar with but do a great job. Maybe it’s time for me to send them my portfolio?

Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens

I finally picked this album up a few days ago. Nice west-coast hip-hop by emcee Blu and producer Exile. It was nice to see the artists behind the packaging listed in the tray.

Design and art direction is by Mike Orduña, who hit the cover with some of that paint splatter/vector/textures/Victorian design motifs that seem to be popular these days. I think it works well. That’s what most of his porftolio consists of, including some other work people might recognize.
The photograph was taken by Jati Lindsay out of DC who has a lot of great music-related photography on his website.

Savath & Savalas – Mañana

Savath & SavalasVidas Animadas

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned artist/designer Maya Hayuk yet. This is the cover she made for a mini album by Scott Herren’s (aka Prefuse 73) Savath & Savalas project. It was the desktop background on my laptop for several weeks freshman year.
Maya has a very distinctive, folky style that I really like. Other than Mr. Herren, she’s done work for Devendra Banhart, Cinematic Orchestra, !!! and more. Actually, as I’m flipping through her site, she’s done more covers than I realized. That includes Blockhead’s Music by Cavelight, Savath & Savalas’ first album Apropa’t, an RJD2 comp and Akrobatik’s Balance, which is decidedly more designer-ish and toned down than I’m used to seeing from her. But it all works very well.

I also noticed she has a book available called “Just Good Vibes” that I just now noticed at the book store.