Nobody – Western Water Music Vol. II

This album is DJ Nobody’s sequal to 2003’s Western Water Music Vol. 1, featuring some nice psychedelic beats accompanied by vocalist Niki Randa. The cover was designed by Ashkahn. It seems he’s done a lot of work for Ubiquity Records, including the cover of Ohmega Watt’s Watts Happening which I thought was pretty successful.

Blank Blue

The Gaslamp Killer – I Spit on Your Grave

It’s obvious who designed this. The Gaslamp Killer released a new mix on street-art icon Shepard Fairey’s Obey imprint in the form of a box set. What I’m more interested in is the photo that the portrait is derived from, taken by Los Angeles photographer Theo Jemison. His portfolio has a ton of shots of some of my favorite artists coming out of California. Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Nobody, Ta’raach, Blu, Dudley Perkins and so on.

Theo Jemison
The Gaslamp Killer

Wolftron – Flesh & Fears

I know nothing about this band. I randomly saw the cover on a Last.FM ad banner. I immedietly recognized the artwork. I’m 99% sure it was done by Andy Kehoe, an artist who’s work I’ve really been enjoying lately. His work is perfect for an album cover. Below is my favorite piece by him out of what I’ve seen. I think I first ran across it on Ffffound.

Andy Kehoe

The Harmonizing Crescendos – Glory To His Name

This is actually my barber’s group. He’s the older looking one in the back to the left. He’s been cutting my hair since I was little. My father played guitar for him a few times and I sat in on a few of the practice sessions. The design is pretty basic, but it’s a cool thing to have in my collection.

The Cover Down

I made a separate blog for solely images, when I don’t feel like writing. And since I finally got my scanner to work with my new computer, I’ll start scanning in more of the album covers I’ve collected. Think of the new blog as The Cover Up but with less words.

Eric Lau – New Territories

Great album with a great packaging. The spacey/retro style fits well with Eric Lau’s music. The design was done by Ashkahn aka Don’t Stop Studios. Photography by Adrian Wood.

Don’t Stop Studios
Adrian Wood
Eric Lau

The Jealous Girlfriends – Self Titled

I picked this album up for free at the record store. I haven’t listened to it yet but I’ve enjoyed looking at it, at least. The artwork’s by Jen Storey at The Young People’s Foundation. The tight type works pretty well too, I think. This is the first time I’ve heard of YPF but I like what they’re doing.

The Young People’s Foundation
The Jealous Girlfriends