Daedelus – Love to Make Music To

Haven’t been posting for a few weeks, probably because I was busy moving and haven’t had the chance to pick up music lately. I’ll try to post more often soon.

Anyway, this is a great new album by one of my absolute favorite artists working in electronic music, Daedelus. I feel the album is a logical step in his craft and I’m enjoying it greatly. I like the direction, similar to Exquisite Corpse in a way but perhaps more focused and danceable.

The packaging was designed by illustrator/designer Sasha Barr who’s website I’ve visited once before. I think the cover is great and the placement of a monome on the back is perfect. It also comes with a poster! Wonderful. The rest of her portfolio is impressive as well. Also, check out the music video to the single “Make It So (Featuring Micheal Johnson)”.

Sasha Barr

ArtDontSleep – From L.A. With Love

From L.A. With Love is a collection of tracks by various artists out of LA (Nobody, Daedelus, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Flying Lotus, Madlib, Gaslamp Killer) put together by Andrew Lojero, aka ArtDontSleep. The music is amazing, but he also took the time to feature some LA-based artists in the insert. This includes Kozyndan (below), Jim Mahfood (below), Augustine Kofie, Blaine Fontana, Kutmah and others. Also, all the photography was done by Theo Jemison who I mentioned in an earlier post.This all comes together to form an amazing group of musicians and artists. I need to take a trip to LA.

Jim Mahfood
Theo Jemison

DJ Nuts – Culutra Copia

Possibly the first compilation of Brazilian music I ever bought, DJ Nuts’ mix CD was released by Mochilla and Wax Poetics. I found it new for about $7 at the local record store. I was excited. The artwork was done by Brazilian graffiti artist Nunca. I first saw him in Graffiti Brasil, an amazing book.

DJ Nuts

One Self – Children Of Possibility

Something just didn’t sit right with me and this album. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because it was so different from DJ Vadim’s USSR: The Art of Listening, an album I was obsessed with back in high school. Either way, the album packaging drew me in. It was done by a group out of Barcelona called Inocuo Design. They have some more street-art-style work on their site.

Inocuo Design
One Self
DJ Vadim

Georgia Anne Muldrow – Worth Nothings

This is the inside of Georgia Anne Muldrow’s first EP on Stones Throw. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this more than her LP, Olesi: Fragments of an Eart, although both albums are top notch. I’m pretty sure I read that the album artwork was done by Ms. Muldrow herself. Below is the backside of the inside, which is the backside of the drawing above. I thought that was a neat idea.

Georgia Anne Muldrow

Flying Lotus – Reset

I may have posted about this before. But I think I was focusing on his website and not the album. Either way, the cover is amazing and I’m really excited about his Warp LP coming out in June, Los Angeles. The guys who designed this, Kristen Henson and Stephen Serrato from We-Sign, did a magnificent job.

Flying Lotus

Take – The Dirty Decibels of Thomas Two Thousand

Something about California… Take is another producer out of LA, part of the Dublab crew. On his MySpace he describes his sound as “Brian Eno meets J Dilla”. His latest EP, The Dirty Decibels Of Thomas Two Thousand features a woodcut(?) by fellow Dublab member Kutmah, another DJ/producer. His website has a nice collection of woodcuts and drawings.


Also, here’s a Take music video directed by Jared Poe.