Prefuse 73 – Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian

This is the album cover for Preuse 73’s new album, due April 14th. Not sure who’s responsible for it According to commentor Judah, the cover is by Dan McPharlin, who I’ve been seeing a lot of lately and discussed previously. It’s obviously riffing off of old prog-rock covers. Even the logo looks retro, in a very satisfying way. The reveal of new Prefuse albums always gets me excited, ever since I discovered Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. I previously discussed the great work Kim Hiorthøy did for Prefuse’s last album, which I thought was pretty successful. Can’t wait to hear what this album sounds like.

Preuse 73
Warp Records

Dim Dim – Whip

I hadn’t heard of Dim Dim (aka Jerry Dimmer) until recently when the brightly colored cover of his album “Whip” got my attention. Dim Dim is a music producer living in Belgium, creating playful electronic music which kind of reminds me of Toy on Smalltown Supersound. He also appears to be an artist himself, making creating abstract paintings.

What I like most, though, is the packaging designed by Belgian artist/designer Oreli. Her clean-edged but detailed cat character fits well with the album’s playful mood, I think. Her typography on the tracklisting is impressive, too. The rest of her portfolio is even more exciting. Below is a promo for the album created by Mumbleboy, Turisukoshiro, and Dim Dim himself. It’s interesting.

Dim Dim

Her Space Holiday – Xoxo, Panda & The New Kid Revival

This artwork caught my eye in the shop a few weeks ago. I lost track of Mush Records releases for a while which is why I missed this. Thankfully, it peaked my interest in the label again. Xoxo, Panda & The New Kid Revival is the latest album by Her Space Holiday, an electronic/folk artist out of California. I’ve never picked up one of his albums, but I have followed a few other artists on Mush’s roster including Daedelus, Bibio, Busdriver, Thavius Beck and some others.

The album cover was illustrated by Tokyo-based artist Heisuke Kitazawa. He has a page full of other album packaging he has designed and illustrated in his portfolio. It also looks like he is associated with two other artists I love, Kozyndan. Heisuke is having a solo show at the Giant Robot’s GR2 Gallery in LA on April 18th. Below is the cover for Her Space Holiday’s single and a cover for De Novo Dahl which I thought was pretty crazy.

Heisuke Kitazawa
Her Space Holiday
Mush Records

Deerhoof – Offend Maggie

This Deerhoof album slipped completely under my radar, not realizing it was released until late December. Maybe I hadn’t been checking Pitchfork enough or something, but I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed the album. I’m somewhat over noise-rock these days, but Deerhoof managed to expand on the musical aspect, bringing in more melodies and a more “pop” aesthetic, if you want to call it that.

The artist behind the cover is Tomoo Gokita, a contemporary Tokyo-based artist who works in charcoal, pencil, gouache and spray-paint to create strange images of black & white figures and portraits. He seems to be fairly popular in the Japanese contemporary art world, recently getting recognized in the States. He has several books available, like Lingerie Wrestling, which looks pretty intriguing. He also created the artwork above for the band Loose Fur’s album, Born in the USA Again. Below is a video featuring Jim O’Rourke, Masaya Nakahara, and Gokita making some electronic noise, so I assume he’s into music as well.

Tomoo Gokita
Loose Fur

Worlds on Fire: Grammy-Nominated Artist Exhibition

Juxtapoz says that Will.I.Am, in association with The Shooting Gallery and GEN ART, is presenting an art show in San Francisco curated by Justin Giarla and Kris Lewis. The focus is on portraits of Grammy-nominated music artists. The show will run daily at the Pacific Electric Lofts starting February 2nd to the 8th. I mostly used this as an excuse to post this crazy painting of Rick Rubin by Paul Chatem.

Paul Chatem
The Shooting Gallery


I don’t think McBess has done any album covers yet, but a lot of musical themes pop up in his work and he’s a musician himself. Real name Matthieu Bessudo, he is a French illustrator based in London. He’s also got a hand in quite a bit of animation. Below is a animated short, “Sigg Jones”, co-directed by Asterokid, Jonathan Vuillemin and McBess that I’ve watched a few times since I first saw it about a year ago. Also, a look at some of his guitar skills.

Jonathan Vuillemin

Under The Influence: Beastie Boys Tribute

I’m a little late with this (show ends on the 29th) but Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles is currently displaying work inspired by The Beastie Boys. I recognize a few of the artists, like Jim Mahfood, Andrew Hem, Mear One, Ken Garduno and Aaron Jasinski. A lot I don’t recognize. The piece above, “Sabotaged”, is by California-based Augi Pagan. Below, “Sabatage”, is by Chris Murray. You can check out the rest of the work here.

Gallery 1988
Augi Pagan
Chris Murray
The Beastie Boys