Jamie Vexd – In System Travel E.P.

This had to happen eventually. One of my recent favorite artists, Bruno 9li, has his work used on a record cover. That record belongs to Jamie Vexd, an electronic music artist out of the UK on Planet µ Records. This is the first time I’ve heard his music and I’m impressed. This is just a reminder that I need to check what’s happening at Planet µ more often.

Bruno 9li is an artist out of Brazil who creates crazy detailed, pattern-filled, colorful drawings and wall murals that melt my brain. I’m glad someone would eventually pick up on his stuff and placed it on a album cover. Planet µ is a nice fit for his insanity, I think. Below is a great video, interviewing Bruno 9li and showing him work on a few pieces.

Bruno 9l
Jamie Vexd
Planet µ Records

Gnarls Barkley – The Odd Couple

It’s been about a year since Cee-Lo and Dangermouse’s second album was released and I still hear it everywhere. Commercials, stores, etc. I haven’t had a chance to hear The Odd Couple but I did pick up their first, which I thought was decent. I remember once on their MySpace page someone commented “That one guy kind of looks like Cee-Lo!”… Anyway, that’s besides the point. I like the cover art. If you check out their website, they’ve put together a pretty cool Flash-based design using the original artwork.

The artwork is by Icelandic illustrator/designer Siggi Eggertsson, now based in Berlin. His portfolio’s impressive, with a very distinctive, colorful, graphic style. I think one piece that attracted me most was album packaging designed for British rock band The Delays, with art direction by Big Active. The cover is above. The rest of the packaging is worth checking out.

Siggi Eggertsson
Big Active
Gnarls Barkley
The Delays

Thrill Jockey – Record Store

This is a limited edition vinyl compilation of new and unreleased Thrill Jockey artists, released especially for Record Store Day. I managed to pick up a copy, mostly wanting it for the new Tortoise track from their upcoming album (!!!) coming out in May. The cover immediately caught my eye at Som Records. I can’t find a credit to who the artist is, but if anyone knows…

Anyway, go support your local music stores!

Record Store Day
Thrill Jockey

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins – Clutch of The Tiger

The mysterious Clutchy Hopkins does a long distance collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee. I have yet to pick up an album by either of them, but I plan to soon. I’m still baffled by Clutchy Hopkins, with his connection to the also-mysterious Misled Children. But the music is good, so it doesn’t really matter.

What caught my attention about this particular album was the artwork done by Jim Mahfood, a well-known comic book artist in LA. I first came across his work after buying his book of sketches, Puttin’ The Backbone Back, which included a doodle of DOOM. He also did a great comic based on the music of Atmosphere’s Slug and Murs’ second collaboration album, Felt 2, in which he illustrated the lyrics. Also just recently picked up his entry into the Sparrow art book series. Anyway, here’s a video of him using a tooth brush.

Jim Mahfood
Shawn Lee
Clutchy Hopkins

Teebs – Record Sleeve Series #1

Some interesting record sleeve remixes by Teebs of My Hollow Drum, posted on Brainfeeder.

Record Sleeve Series #1
My Hollow Drum

J Dilla – Dillanthology 1

I had heard about the release of this Dilla compilation right around the time I had stumbled upon some great illustrations of Muhsinah and Stacy Epps in Zurich-based artist Anna-Lina Balke’s Flickr account. About a week later she uploaded the Dillanthology artwork and I finally got the connection. Her portfolio contains very impressive drawing and design work combined with an impressive taste in music. Dilla compilation’s available on Rapster Records.

Anna-Lina Balke
Anna-Lina Balke @ Flickr
Anna-Lina Blanke @ Behance
J Dilla
Rapster Records

Archer Prewitt – Wilderness

For a long time I’ve been listening to The Sea & Cake, along with digging through John McEntire’s other work and picking up Sam Prekop’s second solo album. But it took me a while to finally get into Prewitt’s music. When I finally did get hold of his album White Sky, I followed up by buying all of his remaining albums soon after. Another occasion where I should have listened to an artist a long time ago.

It’s nice to see music artists creating their own artwork for their albums. In this case Archer Prewitt happens to be a professional illustrator, creating his own mini-comic “Sof’Boy” and working as a Marvel Comics colorist. The cover for Wilderness had always caught my eye, illustrated by Prewitt himself as far as I can tell by the liner notes. The cover of Three is pretty interesting as well. Below is an example of his Sof’Boy comic and a vinyl figure (photo by fb5) created by Presspop. There’s a 24″ version available at Kidrobot for $300…

Archer Prewitt
Archer Prewitt @ Lambiek.net
The Sea & Cake