Farm Vegas – Heavy Skies

When I’m cutting a project’s completion dangerously close to deadline, my mind always thinks of my old professor at VCU, Robert Meganck. Meganck is known for pumping out at least two digital (and at times ‘traditional’) pieces a day, filled with strong colors, abstracted forms and keen sense of design. He’s also known for his vigorous consumption of coffee. He’s one of my favorite professors and I owe him for essentially getting me my first illustration job. So whenever I lag behind on work I think “Meganck could have done this in a few hours” and I push ahead.

These two covers were designed for the first two albums of Farm Vegas, a four-piece rock band out of Richmond, Virginia. The group has shared the stage with fellow bands such as Drive By Truckers, Carbon Leave and The Pat McGee Band. Their folksy, Americana influenced sound vibes well with Meganck’s strong appreciation for true rock & roll music, which he expressed often in class. In fact, there’s a section dedicated to it on his portfolio site.

The piece above was created for Richmond’s 64 Magazine, illustrating the lyrics to “Flowers On The Wall” written by Lew Dewitt and performed by The Statler Brothers. Meganck has worked for a wide variety of clients and has won over 300 awards for his work. He continues to teach at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Robert Meganck
Farm Vegas

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