My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

I am not a fan of My Chemical Romance at all. But for some reason my cousin has a copy of their last album, The Black Parade. While I was with him, I just happened to have my copy of Process Recess with me. I tried to explain the relation between the two, but I’m not sure if he understood my art-student-nerd excitement. The package illustrations were done by James Jean, an illustrator who’s name pops up whenever you ask a crowd of young illustration students who their favorite illustrator is.

James Jean just recently had Process Recess 2 released by AdHouse Books (Richmond!). After annoying the comic shop owner for a week, I finally got a copy. At 15.5″x11″, it’s a beautiful book to look at. Full color images grace every page, along with his process work on the back of each piece. A few pages even fold out to be even larger. It seems more like a portfolio he would send to clients than a book. The best part? It’s $30. That’s crazy, really. It’s also completely worth it. People may over-hype Jean’s work, but when he’s releasing things like this it’s hard not to. Look down to see a picture of the book.

James Jean’s Site
AdHouse Books
My Chemical Romance

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